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DollarSmart Program


Let the DollarSmart Program assist you by building your financial resilience

The DollarSmart Program is available for individuals and families in the Deception Bay to  Redcliffe areas who need assistance with household finances. We can assist by:

  • Providing budget support
  • Holding free financial  educational workshops
  • Assist with building skills to decrease financial stress
  • Facilitating weekly group sessions  to enhance and improve household finances
  • Assist in getting control of your finances with one on one case management support

Support available includes:

  • Provide information on  where to go to access financial assistance
  • Referral to other services  including legal, tax help
  • One on One case management support  for building better finances
  • Advocating with creditors  regarding payment plans
  • Emergency relief (appointment only)
  • Volunteer Champions to support/mentor individuals
  • After hours service delivery
  • Show you ways to shop and cook on a budget
  • Help you to develop skills in managing your money

Enables people who are experiencing financial hardship and difficulty managing limited income to build their financial resilience.

Case Management

One on one case management support so you can take control of your finances, by working with you to identify strategies to minimise financial stress.

Weekly Support Group

Meet on a regular basis to learn/exchange ways in which you can “get more bang for your buck” for example, cheap/healthy meals, how to be money smart.


Clients get the benefit of skilled volunteers to mentor them in their quest for financial resilience.


Individuals who want to work towards financial  resilience, whether young or old,  single or have a family, this service will assist you.

For people on low incomes, paying for essential goods and services is often a struggle, and the effects of on going basic household costs without reprieve can be huge.
  • Without a fridge you can’t store fresh food;
  • Without a computer kids can be left behind at school;
  • If you can’t afford the apprenticeship course, education can stall before it even begins.

The No Interest Loan Scheme offers people on low incomes safe, fair and affordable loans for fridges, washing machines and furniture, as well as education and medical expenses.

Funded by Department of  Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services QLD