How to help DBNC

DBNC needs your help, so we can help our community.

Would you like to…


Want to join in and support our community?

The simplest way to show your support is by becoming a member of the Association. The annual membership fee is $1.

Becoming a member will enable your involvement at our Annual General Meeting plus you will receive the quarterly Neighbourhood newsletter and invitations to events.

You may wish to get a bit more involved by participating in ‘hands on’ work through volunteering on a regular basis or you can be part of an enthusiastic working group to implement and plan events or projects.

We encourage and welcome new members.  To apply for membership or for more information please contact the Neighbourhood Centre on 07 3204 2022 or email us.


All donations made to us over $2 are tax deductible, and contribute in a very practical way to supporting the well being of individuals and families in our community.

Financial support is required to enable us to deliver support and education programs in addition to the funds provided by the Government. Some of our much needed services are largely unfunded.

Examples of support for our community through programs are childrens programs 0 – 12 years and activities that assist adults in the community such as –

    • Cultural – Activities held – Dance, Drama, Art, holiday activity,music
    • Children’s literacy
    • Computer skills for employment
  • Licence driving lessons for employment                       [Back to top]


The  Neighbourhood Centre is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers working on a variety of tasks, activities and events. We encourage our community to give some of their time, skill and expertise to the Centre.

Our Volunteer vacancies are listed with Volunteering Queensland.

Why volunteer?

Because volunteering is good for us! Depending on your interests and needs, volunteering is a way of:

  • increasing social interaction and meeting people
  • experiencing something new
  • learning new skills, improving existing skills and keeping your mind active
  • sharing knowledge and experiences
  • gaining a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging
  • becoming better acquainted with the community
  • giving back to the community and assisting others
  • being useful and helpful
  • improves health and well-being                        [Back to top]

The Principles of Volunteering


  • benefits the community and the volunteer
  • work is unpaid
  • is always a matter of choice
  • is a way in which citizens can participate in the activities of their community
  • is a vehicle to address human, environmental and social needs
  • respects the rights, dignity and culture of others
  • promotes human rights and equality

If you are interested in volunteering we would welcome hearing from you at Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre on 07 3204 2022 or email us.   hands volunteersvolliehands_together_1732x14751

Student Placements

The Neighbourhood Centre welcomes enquiries from students seeking a field placement. If you are interested in a placement at the centre, please contact us on 07 3204 2022 or email us.                                       [Back to top]

Positions Vacant

For vacant positions please check or


A bequest is a gift in a will. A bequest can consist of money, property or an estate. You can make bequests to individuals, companies, associations or charities.  A bequest is a gift that lasts longer than a lifetime.

Making a bequest to the Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre will ensure that we can continue to provide outstanding services or activities to the community. Bequests can be large or small and will impact many individual’s lives in a positive way.

What will my Bequest be used for?

A bequest made to the Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre can be used to support a number of different activities which we offer at the centre: Child literacy, developing children’s cultural activities for skills and development, assisting adults to gain employment, assisting adult literacy and similar programs.

If there is a special interest area that is not on list, the neighbourhood centre would be happy to have a conversation with you.                    [Back to top]

Will my bequest be acknowledged?

If you decide to make a bequest to the Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre you will be asked whether you would like your bequest acknowledged or if you prefer to be anonymous.

The Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre will contact you in order to discuss the best way to do this.

How do I make a bequest?

If you are planning to make a bequest, we advise you to seek the advice of your solicitor or trustee.

If you are planning to leave us a bequest, please let us know by calling 07 3204 2022 or email our Director.

Alternatively, you can write to us to: PO Box 205, Deception Bay QLD 4508.
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