About DBNC

07 3204 2022

24 Endeavour Street, Deception Bay Qld 4508
PO Box 205, Deception Bay Qld 4508

Enhancing our community’s ability to positively develop self, family and community.

Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre (DBNC) began in 1992 and since this time has grown steadily with a number of programs and services operating in the community. DBNC is a community hub providing a range of services to people living in the Deception Bay community. DBNC employs 18 permanent staff, 4 casual staff, and has approximately 10-15 volunteers. Services that we provide include:

  • Information and referral
  • Family Support Programs
  • Community Development
  • Courses & workshops
  • Group Activities
  • Counseling
  • Job Preparation / employment
  • Links to Emergency Relief

DBNC plays a key role in Deception Bay of community development, community capacity building and family support. DBNC works collaboratively with other key community stakeholders to advocate for social infrastructure to address issues. DBNC also works with local people and groups to develop strategies and responses that will improve the lives of people and increase community leadership.

Community Development aims to give broad direction to the developmental work of DBNC and inform the ongoing work  and practice of staff.

Where we live – Deception Bay

Deception Bay is approximately 30 minutes drive from the north side of Brisbane. It is a small area located on Moreton Bay. Deception Bay is characterised by:

  • A high number of public housing dwellings,
  • A significant number of families from the Pacific Islands region residing in the area,
  • A higher than Queensland average of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander residents,
  • A significant lack of public transport,
  • An almost rural village feel to it,
  • A significant number of human service providers in the area who work collaboratively.

Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre has more than 19,000 direct client contacts and more than 4,000 telephone inquiries over a 12 month period in service delivery to families, employment participants, social housing participants, emergency relief and other information and referral out. Counselling services number at least 640 clients and about 300 people accessing Centre based relationship courses and workshops over a 12 month period.

Our Values include:

  • Building on Strengths and Capacities
  • Pursuing Equity and Valuing Diversity
  • People’s rights to respect
  • Acknowledging custodians of this land and act to build reconciliation
  • People’s right to opinion and voice and DBNC will only speak on people’s behalf by request
  • Encouraging  Innovation
  • Collaborating and Cooperating as Partners
  • Working with Integrity of Process
  • Confidentiality, Participation and Accountable and Transparent Practices

Our Beliefs:

  • Everyone has capacities and strengths.
  • People change and change is constant.
  • Everyone has a right to respect.
  • Equity and access of opportunity lead to improved life circumstances.
  • People know most about their own lives.
  • Everyone has the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives.
  • Communities play a big part in people’s lives.
  • Rich and complex diversity of communities is valuable.
  • Creativity, innovation and invention are integral to developmental work.
  • Working with consensus rather than competition assists cohesive communities.
  • Everyone has a right to integrity of process and practice.
  • Pace of development is local people driven

     Principles of community development

  1. Engagement
  2. Inclusiveness
  3. Collaboration
  4. Capacity building
  5. Pace of development

If you are interested in the way we do developmental work in Deception Bay, we would be pleased to have a conversation with you.  If there is a community issue, or an area that you would like to develop please call our Community Development Worker Marilyn on 07 3204 2022 or email.

Mission Statement

Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre is a catalyst in the community for empowering local people to achieve their goals and advocate for change on issues that impact on our people and community.

We do this by supporting and providing services, activities and initiatives that include and enhances social inclusion and employment opportunities.  We work collaboratively with the whole of the community with key focus to provide opportunities to the lives of the most disadvantaged in our community.

Vision Statement

Deception Bay is a community that recognises and celebrates its cultural diversity and welcomes all people into its strong and vibrant community life.

Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre is an integral part of this rich community life and supports individuals and groups in the pursuit of their own goals that are congruent with DBNC values.

Our vision is to provide a safe and welcoming environment in which to work collaboratively with people who are experiencing disadvantage to enable them to find pathways to fully participate in every part of life they choose.

Fundamental Values

The fundamental values of Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre are:

    • We acknowledge the generations of indigenous people who have acted as custodians of this land and are committed to act to build reconciliation in our local community
    • We treat all people with respect and value individual differences and people’s rights to express cultural, linguistic and gender identity
    • We will respect confidentiality of personal information shared
    • We value people’s right to have their own opinion and voice and we will not speak on people’s behalf unless requested to do so
    • Within available resources, DBNC will work developmentally with people to address their issues of concern
    • We will work with other organisations and groups to benefit the local community
    • We believe in participatory, accountable and transparent practices
  • We will provide a safe and welcoming approach and environment and will attempt to respond to everyone who walks through the door.

Aims and Objectives

 The Objectives of the Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre include:

    • To contribute to the relief of poverty, sickness and other misfortune and to the promotion of the well-being of individuals, families and groups in Deception Bay who are disadvantaged and vulnerable either socially, physically, intellectually or emotionally.
    • To undertake, carry on or carry out any charitable work or purpose.
    • To provide and promote services, without discrimination, for individuals, families and groups with a view to improving quality of life and well-being of the community.
    • To provide community members access to resources and programs that encourage personal development, help build supportive relationships and promote community spirit and identity.
  • To locally coordinate and support community organisations and groups and liaise with local, state and federal Governments in matters of funding policy and community needs.